Meet Hugo & Mat


The season of change has fallen upon this little shop of mine and things are starting to look differently around here. 

I started Etepetete Design Co. back in 2015 as a creative outlet that I used while teaching myself graphic design. It started as a small collection of accidentally printed postcards-one of the many pain points I suffered through my learn-as-you-go efforts. Once I learned how to properly prep files for folded cards, I added greeting cards and eventually digital wedding stationery and art prints, too. 

Truth be told, it’s been a slow, quiet labor of love. Not always steady and not always successful. But always humbly there, somehow taking over a little life of its own. Etepetete taught me so much about running a business, designing and selling products, and a lot about myself and my ambitions. It has ebbed and flowed, with moments full of inspiration and exciting plans countered by much slower seasons.

Despite steady weekly and monthly sales in the shop, Etepetete has been particularly quiet-especially on social media-since I got pregnant in early 2017. As motherhood took over and started teaching me all-around different things about life, Etepetete Design Co. has been patiently waiting in the background. 

Now finally, after transitioning my son to daytime care, I’ve had time to really sit with my thoughts and ideas for this small business of mine. This time has made way for a little voice that has long been in the back of my mind saying it’s time for something else. 

Etepetete Design Co. was created with the ambition to have a recognized independent brand focused on selling greeting cards. While that’s a perfectly fine pursuit that has worked for many others, it hasn’t always felt right or natural for me. 

Instead, for a long time now, I’ve craved an outlet for all sorts of creative projects, not just graphic design. Whether it’s designing cards, making my own party decorations, baking cupcakes, sewing random things here and there, or one of the many other projects I find myself doing, I need and want a place to collect those sort of things—all the many ideas and projects that interest me and keep me inspired. 

With all that said and after much consideration, I’ve decided this will become that. Etepetete Design Co. is now Hugo & Mat, a small design studio, yes, but also a platform to share everything else, too. There will still be products in the shop, but the overall focus with this rebrand will be more about things that spark joy—like DIY projects, arts and crafts, recipes, etc.

I’m really looking forward to this next step and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thank you for following along and as always, feel free to reach out if you have questions. 

Printable 2019 Calendar


Happy New Year, friends! And welcome to the new Etepetete blog, where I’ll share DIYs, printable resources, design inspiration and more! I’m so thrilled for this new project and hope you’ll enjoy reading along as much as I’ve enjoyed creating the content. As with everything regarding Etepetete Design Co., I’m always happy to get feedback and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas so please feel free to share.

At the end of each year, I look forward to designing and printing a calendar for the year to come. Sometimes they are hand lettered, sometimes they’re painted. This year I decided to work with typography and a big bright color to add a little joy to your home. This calendar hangs in our kitchen and I just love love looking at it.

To kick-off this blog, I’ve decided to share the calendar here so you can also use it! Just download the PDF below, print on quality card-stock, bind with a clipboard and hang in your favorite room.

Share the love! Do you like this printable? I’d love to see how you’ve used it in your home so tag @etpdesignco with any photos you share.